It's like cleaning out your closet . . .

Having a hardscape installed in your yard is very exciting. After all, we are literally making your dreams come true (well for your yard anyway) and you can see it taking place right before your eyes. Thrilling! However, we do want to warn you of a necessary evil along the way - excavation.

We are pretty sure there is a moment in most of our projects, when our clients take a peek out their window, and think "What have I done!!!" Their perfect lawn (or even if it wasn't so perfect) is gone. Huge areas of grass have been ripped up, torn out, and now lie in piles, never to return again. Add to this, numerous pallets of stone, pavers and other materials that will be placed close by, ready to be part of your new creation. It will look a whole lot more like a war zone than your dream come true! But take heart, a breath, and then a few pictures. Remember, this excavation stage is brief. 

We like to tell people that excavation is just like cleaning out your closet. Everything looks so much worse before it can get so much better. Please do take lots of photos. We would love it if you send them to us so we can post them here to encourage and reassure folks who are going through this stage. Oh yes, please be sure to include the after photos too!

Just to be clear, we always do our best to make sure your yard doesn't look like a construction site for long! Many of our customers comment on how nicely we leave things looking every day before we go home. It's these little details that add to our clients having a refreshingly great contracting experience. We have to admit that there's a little self interest going on here. Happy customers talk and help us get referrals which means we don't have to spend big bucks on marketing. That makes us happy too:)