The OA Way

Would you like to know what to expect if you hired us for your project? Please read on for an overview of the general process of working with Outdoor Artisan from start to finish (The OA way).

Once you contact us we will set up a free consultation for a time that is convenient for you. During that first appointment, we listen . . . to your dreams, ideas and concerns for your yard. We'll then provide you with an original design based on your desires and our professional experience. If you love the design and want to move forward to the next step, we will give you a quote that you can count on. This is not an estimate! It is a promise that we will complete your project for the amount that we have quoted. This is very important to us. We want you to be able to relax and enjoy the whole creative process, knowing that there won't be any cost surprises in the final bill. If you choose to add work or change materials, no problem, we will provide you with another quote for that.

After reviewing the details, if you decide that we are the company to create your hardscape, simply sign the quote.  We will add you to our project schedule and give you an estimated start date.  At this time, we usually require a scheduling deposit for $500. We will strive to get your job started on the scheduled date, however sometimes there are unforeseen delays mostly due to weather conditions.

Just before we begin, your materials will start arriving. We will call beforehand to let you know to expect the deliveries and to confirm where you would like them placed. On the first day of your project, Clive will arrive with the crew, mark out the dimensions and they will begin working. Very exciting! Less exciting, but necessary, Clive will also collect the materials deposit. The materials deposit is normally 50% of the total job cost and can be paid with a personal check.

Once we are on your job it is our #1 priority. Clive will stay in touch with you throughout the project to keep you updated, answer any questions and make sure you are happy with the progress. Your hardscape will be installed correctly and with excellence. You can expect us to stay on your job until it is finished and to have it completed in as few days as possible while still maintaining the highest standards during the installation.

When your hardscape is complete and your yard restored to order, Clive will meet with you to make sure that you are 100% satisfied. If you are (and we have every reason to expect that you will be) Clive will collect the final payment and leave you to enjoy your very own hardscape for years and years to come.