A Photographic Journey

It is difficult to imagine what it is like to have a hardscape installed in your yard unless you have had the opportunity of seeing this process take place. That is why we want to take you on a brief photographic journey of a job. Hopefully, this will help you know what to expect when it is your lucky day!

This "before photo" shows the backyard of a potential customer who heard about us from a friend. They were interested in having a patio, water-feature, trellis and some landscaping installed. Clive took this picture to use as a reference when drafting a concept design.

Here is the first design that Clive drafted for the yard. As it happened, it was also the last because the customers loved it and wanted to move forward with the project.

Excavation is underway! Not exactly a pretty site, but you can see the design starting to take shape.

The concrete has just been poured and is left to set up. This solid foundation is critical for the stone and pavers to last a lifetime without uneven settling or leaning.

The boulders, stone and pavers have been set in place and polymeric sand brushed into the cracks between the pavers. The patio has been hosed down to help the sand bond and form a permanent seal.

Another angle of the completed project still wet from being hosed down. 

Hopefully, these photos have helped you visualize the different stages of a hardscape installation from design to completion. It is always fun to go back and see what the yard looked like before the installation and compare it with the final result. Be sure to take a before photo when planning your installation.