Thank you and then some!

We at Outdoor Artisan are so grateful for our customers. Truly, we have been blessed with the best! Not only have each of you been a pleasure to work with, but thanks to your reviews we received a Super Service award from Angie's List for 2013. This is a big honor and really quite an accomplishment since last year was our first full year in business for ourselves.

When we established Outdoor Artisan, we decided not to put big bucks into advertising in magazines or paying thousands to be involved in home shows. In fact, we didn't have that kind of money to spare without charging our customers more. So we simply hoped that our work and our reputation would speak for itself and generate more work. Thanks to you that is exactly what has happened. Because of your reviews and recommendations to friends, family and coworkers we now have so much work! 

This is the best problem a company can ask for. However, since we are in the business of solutions and we don't want to make our customers wait for months on end we have decided to expand by hiring more quality guys. Soon we will get their pictures up with a little bio, but first we want to just introduce these fine men who we have chosen because, like us, they care: about our customers, our projects and our reputation as a company.

Welcome Randy Sandford. A good friend, experienced contractor, and former coworker in the stone industry. We are thrilled to have him with us since he brings extensive design, sales and project oversight experience, plus he is just a really great guy! He will be doing a lot of the same work Clive does; managing projects from that first consultation, design and quote through to project completion.

Welcome Corey our new crew leader. He has been in this business for over ten years, running his own company for much of that, but willing to join us in order to get out of the office and back on actual project work that he has a real passion for.

We welcome Daniel Hall. Okay, full disclosure, he is family (1st cousin) but don't worry he has more than earned his place on our team. Daniel works so hard even our crews have commented on his work ethic. He has been promoted to handling deliveries, machine and tool maintenance and general logistics. Often, he will be the one showing up at the beginning and end of projects to get things started and to wrap them up. He is an amazingly competent guy to have on our team.

Thank you once again to all our customers for choosing Outdoor Artisan. Without your projects, your reviews and your recommendations we wouldn't be in business let alone growing. It is our goal to continue to give each of our customers an experience that exceeds their expectations.